How a Chiropractic Neurologist Diagnoses and Treats Vertigo

vertigoIn a previous post, I discussed how chiropractic neurology treats the body according to how the nervous system is performing. Dr. Kurt Hostnik, a board certified chiropractic neurologist, is uniquely trained to diagnose various conditions through a functional neurology exam, and then develop a conservative treatment plan based on what that exam reveals.

Vertigo is one of many conditions that can be correctly identified and treated by a chiropractic neurologist.

Vertigo is a feeling of dizziness, imbalance, lightheadedness or a spinning sensation in an otherwise stable environment.

There are two general types of vertigo. Central vertigo involves strokes, tumors, trauma and other conditions in the central nervous system. Peripheral vertigo is more common and primarily originates in the inner ear. Peripheral vertigo can be associated with tumors, trauma, infections, migraines and allergies.

Vertigo is typically a short-term problem, although one issue in the nervous system can lead to other issues. For example, a chronic issue on one side of your brain or body can create problems on the other side of your body or brain. Continue reading

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