Shoulder Pain: Surgery is the Exception, Not the Rule

When you stop and think about it, the shoulder is an amazing part of the body. It enables us to do everything from throwing a baseball, to washing our hair in the shower, to giving our kids a place to sit during a parade. Our shoulders also play a role in keeping us balanced and steady as we walk, run and sit.

The shoulder is a very movable joint with a wide range of motion that allows you to move your arms frontward, backward, up, down and around in circles. With this mobility and range of motion comes a greater vulnerability to injury, so we need to maintain our shoulders with regular stretching and exercise as well as proper bio-mechanics in daily life.

Performing the stretches illustrated in the photos below on a regular basis will help you maintain flexibility and range of motion in your shoulder. If you have a chronic shoulder condition or recently suffered an injury in the shoulder area, please consult your physician before performing these or any exercises.

shoulder collage

Stretches performed by Dr. Justin of West End Physical therapy

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