Rutgers Research Shows Acupuncture Can Treat Inflammation

acupuncture long branch new jerseyAcupuncture has been used in China for thousands of years to restore and maintain good health by improving blood and energy flow, stimulating the body’s immune system and activating our natural healing powers. Although the effectiveness of acupuncture has been scientifically proven, the acceptance of acupuncture has been extremely slow in our country.

When you look at the American health system, which focuses on treating disease with medication and surgery instead of preventing disease through a wellness lifestyle, it’s easy to see why the medical establishment has been reluctant to embrace acupuncture. It doesn’t fit in with their way of thinking.

I hope new scientific evidence produced by researchers at Rutgers University, added to the mountain of evidence that already exists, will motivate them to change their way of thinking, especially as it relates to acupuncture.

The research established a direct connection between a form of acupuncture and relief from sepsis, an inflammatory disorder that can develop after an infection. Sepsis most commonly occurs in hospitals, claiming approximately 250,000 lives in our country each year. In other words, people don’t die from the infection. They die from sepsis.

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