The Truth about Low Testosterone, Sex Drive and Weight Gain in Men

The Truth about Low Testosterone, Sex Drive and Weight Gain in MenYou can’t turn on the television or go online without seeing someone suggesting that men with low testosterone should take an herbal replacement, underarm replacement or bioidentical replacement – as if this will magically restore sex drive and help with weight loss.

Unfortunately, treating low testosterone isn’t as simple as the old “pill for every ill” approach to medicine. That approach is on its way out. More on that later.

Before you decide to start testosterone replacement therapy, you need to understand what testosterone is, how the presence of testosterone changes in our bodies during our lifetime, and what impacts our hormonal levels.

Testosterone is a hormone that stimulates the growth and development of the male sex organs and the maintenance of sexual characteristics. Testosterone is produced mostly in the testes, but also in the ovaries. Yes, women have testosterone just like men have estrogen.

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