Should Kids Be Lifting Weights?

can kids lift weights Dispelling common misconceptions about kids’ fitness.

“Lifting weights will stunt a child’s growth!”

There are many factors that can potentially stunt a child’s growth, the first of which is genetics. Others include insufficient sleep, certain medications, and processed sugars and carbohydrates (including soda). Weightlifting however, is not among them. Done correctly, weightlifting will contribute to a child’s development of a proportional physique and good posture. Additionally, lifting may even aid a child’s growth due to an even stimulation of hormones that are vital for growth.

But what about gymnastics, ballet, wrestling, and other sports that we associate with stunting growth? All these sports do have one factor in common that causes growth issues: malnutrition. It is hard to grow if you are starving. Kids need to eat a balanced diet in order to grow. When we see gymnasts on TV, they are usually elite athletes. Taller gymnasts and athletes who vary radically from the prototypical gymnastic body are usually filtered out through years of injury and competition. As far as sports actually having a direct effect on growth – they don’t.

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