Osteoporosis, Part 1: Understanding the Basics

What is OsteoporosisMost people think of bones as building materials. They just form the frame that holds our bodies up, much like wood or steel support beams in a building.

Bone is actually living tissue in which nutrients and essential minerals are constantly absorbed and replaced by our bodies. Instead of thinking of bone as a 2X4, think of bone as a bank. We’re either making deposits or withdrawals. The key is to make more deposits than withdrawals.

Osteoporosis occurs when we become overdrawn. In other words, more old bone is removed than new bone is created. This causes a thinning or weakening of the bone, making it so brittle that a compression or spinal fracture can result from something as simple as a sneeze, a cough or bending over.

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About Dr. James Proodian

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