How I Changed My Behavior and Transformed My Body

Proodian healthcare Patient Success StoryThis is a guest post by Bill Freeman, a retired 63-year-old school principal and Natural Healthcare Center patient. I’d like to personally thank Bill for sharing his story. Dr. James Proodian

I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer three years ago when tumors were discovered on both sides of my thyroid. After having surgery to remove the thyroid, I was treated with radioactive iodine to kill any remaining cancer cells in my body.

Over the course of about two weeks, I gained 32 pounds. You have to drink a lot of fluids to get the radioactive iodine out of your body, so much of what I gained was water weight.

I had been getting regular chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Proodian and finally told him that I was disappointed because I couldn’t lose the weight. I had been on Weight Watchers. I used apps on my phone. I would lose a few pounds, hit a wall, and just gain it all back.

Dr. Proodian suggested that I see Dr. (Oscar) Coetzee. I told Dr. Coetzee that if he could help me lose weight, I would do whatever he wanted me to do. I’m a Type A personality. If you tell me to eat four ounces of turkey, I’m going to eat four ounces of turkey. You tell me to eat 17 carrots, and I’m going to eat 17 carrots.

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