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Flawed Research Gets It Wrong on Gluten-Free Eating

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One of the reasons why my role as a health educator is so difficult is that I constantly spend time exposing bad information when I’d rather be sharing good information. This blog post is a prime example of that dilemma.

A member of the Natural Healthcare Center team forwarded me an article from an extremely popular media outlet that suggested a gluten-free diet could have “unintended consequences.” The article was based on a study that found people who ate gluten-free had higher levels of toxic metals in their systems than people who ate gluten.

False. Or, at the very least, extremely misleading. Here’s why.

Suppose you replace food that contains gluten with highly processed foods that are marketed as gluten-free replacements or substitutes, such as gluten-free breads, pastries and pastas. All you’re doing is replacing something inflammatory with something that’s slightly less inflammatory – but still inflammatory. Continue reading

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