15 Years of Natural Healthcare Center, Part 3: A Future Full of Optimism

Dr. James Proodian owner of Natural Healthcare CenterNatural Healthcare Center opened its doors in July of 2003. All this month, we’re celebrating our 15th anniversary by looking at our humble beginnings, how Natural Healthcare Center has evolved, and what lies ahead. We couldn’t be more thankful for our patients, friends and family who help us make Natural Healthcare Center such a special place.

I’ve always told the Natural Healthcare Center team that this practice started as an infant. It had to grow through adolescent and teen years to become a young adult. Today, Natural Healthcare Center is a mature adult. We’re in our prime.

The heavy lifting has been done in terms of branding and name recognition. Although we’re always looking to become better, we have an all-star team now. Most team members have been at Natural Healthcare Center for many years. Our process has been perfected and we operate like a well-oiled machine.

The emphasis has always been on the patient experience and patient outcomes. That will never change. But I’m very excited about what the future holds.

The work being done in nutrigenomics is taking our clinical nutrition department to a whole new level. I’m looking forward to bringing a podiatrist on board in 2018. Natural Healthcare Center in expanding to take full advantage of our third-floor space, which will provide our team with more room to grow and allow us to establish our own fitness studio.

As you can probably tell, I despise complacency. I don’t like to stand still. Natural Healthcare Center and my role as a health educator are constantly evolving.

I’m planning to write a book. I’m having a number of videos produced to supplement my live, in-person speaking engagements. I’m considering an opportunity to become a college professor.

Dr. Proodian with Photos of his 5 Children

As my five children get older, I’ll have the bandwidth to take my public speaking to organizations all over the country. My goal is to touch as many people as possible and empower them with the knowledge to take control of their health. I’ll continue to teach people how to prevent, treat and even reverse chronic illness.

As optimistic as I continue to be, there is one thing that has me somewhat discouraged. When I came out of school, I thought my generation would radically change healthcare. I didn’t think I would be sitting here, entering my 25th year in clinical practice, and seeing people continue to decay into chronic illness.

At the same time, I’m inspired every day by Natural Healthcare Center patients who look at the bottles of pills in their medicine cabinet, recognize that they’re not getting any better, and say, “Enough is enough.” They’re ready to make permanent lifestyle changes and commit to healthy living.

These are the people who motivate me to take health education and public speaking to a national audience. These are the people who motivate the Natural Healthcare Center team to expand our model across the country.

We’ll continue to do everything possible to help people break free from the “sick care” mindset that reactively treats illness with medication. We’ll continue to encourage people to embrace true “health care,” which focuses on disease prevention and maintaining a state of balance and wellness.

This was my mission when I opened Natural Healthcare Center 15 years ago this month. And this continues to be the mission of an exceptional team that I’m honored and proud to lead.

To all who have contributed to the success of Natural Healthcare Center and the health of our patients, there are no words that can express my full gratitude. I thank God for allowing me to use my skills at this wonderful place, and I humbly approach each day for His praise.

I hope you’ll continue with us on the next phase of our journey as we look to end the chronic illness epidemic and help society as a whole feel better, function better and live longer.

About Dr. James Proodian

Dr. James Proodian is an accomplished chiropractic physician, health educator, and professional public speaker who founded Proodian Healthcare Family of Companies to help people feel better, function better, and live longer. His expertise is in identifying clinical imbalances and restoring the body to health and functionality. Contact: jproodian@naturalhc.com or (732) 222‑2219.

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